Thursday, March 27, 2008

Upcoming Dance Parties/Shows in Boston

Next Tuesday, April 1, New York City's Blonde Acid Cult will be playing the THROWED party at Bill's Bar, with Brunswick, and resident DJs Chris Devlin (Spank Rock/BBS Soundsystem) and E-Marce (of Paper).

Self-proclaimed as creating a sound called "MADHATTAN," Blonde Acid Cult is: "street funk, primal grooves falling out face down on a stranger’s bed... protest songs screaming through your ghetto blaster while you roll through central park during the Puerto Rican day parade madness." But the band says that are actually really inspired by their own friends.

Since summer 2007, Blonde Acid Cult played at parties all over the East Coast, including Paper (Boston), Making Time (Philly), Transatlantic (DC), as well as at NYC parties such as Robot Rock, Tiswas, and Ruff Club.

WTBU caught up with singer Sonny Kilfoyle via email, who expressed his thoughts on playing in Boston, and their upcoming show:

"this show in boston should be great. the fact that it's at bill's bar is pretty sentimental because damian used to through a party there called "START!" our last visit from boston was a little stressed. it must be because of the large college age population because people are so unforgiving over anything. compared to ny it really has no community vibe amongst bands/clubs/promoters etc... the actual kids we've played to in boston are really energetic and enthusiastic, but i think the city has a very "f!@# you" vibe outside of the people attending college here... the music scene seems to be having a little group of great bands right now though. excited to come."

So...bring the community vibe to Boston by coming out for one of these parties!
4/3- Campus @ Bill's Bar
4/8- Throwed @ Bill's Bar, ft. And Then There Were None
4/10- L.A. Riots @ Middle East
4/15- Throwed @ Bill's Bar, ft. Stere Faith (DC)
4/17- Paper @ Harper's Ferry

Or have your own dance party in your dorm room to the sounds of WTBU. It will be cheaper and less pretentious. Then again, your photo won't be plastered all over the internet the morning after. Your call.

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