Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What do popular local singer-songwriters sound like anyway? Answer: Will Dailey.

It's summertime! Like many other BU students, I am back in my hometown hanging with my hometown crew and feeling a little too much like I'm back in high school again. Remember those days? After school sports times, wild Friday nights, and One Tree Hill? That's right — don't act like you could resist watching Chad Michael Murray play the high school hoops star underdog in that gripping WB drama. And who didn't love that feel-good theme song from Gavin Degraw? I don't wanna be anything other than ME!

Speaking of singer-songwriters who frequent popular TV dramas... yes, the singer-songwriter lives on; this species has found a way to survive in the digital age with old fashioned soul and sincerity. So when uber-popular BU alum and friend of mine Dan Chiz sought to highlight local singer-songwriter Will Dailey, I had a listen and ended up feeling so very end-of-a-particularly-sweet-Grey's Anatomy — in a good way.

Will Dailey reps Boston and has won awards here too. After years of all-or-nothing survival touring to stay afloat, he got the attention of record labels and has since been featured on CSI: Miami, CSI: New York and The Hills. It's no wonder, as Dailey's sound, reminiscent of Gavin Degraw and Sondre Lerche at times, works well on screen. It's simple, relatable and romantic.

Check out "Never Be Your Baby" for the catch appeal, or "Rise" if you're feeling more sentimental. Because not everybody likes indie music. And because those One Tree Hill days were golden ones.

- Jessy Bartlett