Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Antlers

Burst Apart, The Antler's new album, is a collection of electronic beats over-ruled with Silberman's hauntingly beautiful voice. His harmonies on top of the eclectic background piano and bass present this album as one of the best this year.

It's true. Whatever Silberman produces, I will believe it to be magic. However, those non-believers can even agree that this album is worthy. Hospice, the Antler's previous album, contained the most somber and empathetic lyrics - words that can make the manliest man cry.

With Burst Apart, Silberman strikes again. Each individual song in this album reminisces the pain and suffering Silberman experienced. My favorite song in the entire album is "No Widows." It is not only the perfect song to nod your head to the heavy drums and diverse mingled sounds, but also to fall into a deep depression from the lyrics sung and harmonized by one of the most passionate and brilliant voices.