Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jen Choi Knows A Lot of Cool Websites

I am sure that many of my internet savy readers are well aware of the awesomeness called: La Blogotheque.

La Blogotheque, in collaboration with Fresh Media, is a French music blog. What La Blogotheque is most famous for is hands down the improvised music videos that are posted on their site.

Acts include the Arcade Fire, Liars, Animal Collective, O'Death, Au Revior Simone and much much more. Not only are these performances amazing but they also include little snippets of artists just hanging around and being…dudes.

Its much more intimate and thusly very enjoyable for music fans and/or creepy voyeurs alike. Check out the Vodpod for two of my favorite perforamces featured on La Blogotheque:

The Arcade Fire - PARIS 03/19/2007 Neon Bible & Wake Up (Time 15:30)

Enjoy! Or as the French would say: Appréciez !

-Jen Choi

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Ting Tings: We Started Nothing

As much as the cool kids may hate to admit it, the people at Apple have an ear for good music. Meet the latest unknowns to enjoy the iPod ad super-bump: The Ting Tings. The British duo of Katie White and Jules De Martino bring their fresh take on pop with their upbeat debut album, We Started Nothing, and it plays as the spirited soundtrack to your summer from start to finish. While sometimes too cute for its own good, We Started Nothing is always catchy fun.

The Ting Tings are drawing inevitable comparisons to CSS, another international group that benefited from the Apple marketing juggernaut. While both bands share a knack for getting you on the dance floor, they go about it in opposite ways. CSS' grungier rock sound fits the badass image they wear so wellCansei de Ser Sexy is sexy and they know it. On the other hand, The Ting Tings pull off a different kind of cool despite their poppy Kylie Minogue-meets-the-Spice Girls sound; they somehow make it work with songs about fruit machines and traffic lights.

White carries each of the ten tracks with spunk with De Martino on drums and back-up vocals. The first half is undoubtedly stronger than the second, including UK smash "That's Not My Name," "Shut Up and Let Me Go" from the iPod ad and their latest hit, "Great DJ." It also features the melodious "Traffic Light," a sweet waltz, and "Fruit Machine," where White playfully mimics the ka-chink ka-chink of the fruit machine she has become ("You keep playing me/ Like a fruit machine!").

Still, there is no filler as the second half features the pulsing "Impacilla Carpisung" (sung entirely not in English) and the funky "We Walk," where White shows her teeth: "Smash the rest up/ Burn it down/ Put us in the corner 'cause we’re into ideas."

It's no surprise that The Ting Tings are already chart-toppers across the pond. While their infectious tunes may be too sweet for some, We Started Nothing is a fun dose of dance pop that bounces delightfully along the whole way through. Catch The Ting Tings for cheap at a small venue this summer while you still can.

— Jessy Bartlett

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Check out Viva Radio's "Back on Track" @ the Milk Way Lounge, 6/20

Viva Radio and Boston's American Apparel stores have collaborated for "Back On Track," a travelling dance party that has already hit up the Cincinnati, Ann Arbor, and Pittsburgh. It's coming to Boston this Thursday (for free!) at the Milky Way Lounge & Lanes. The event will be headlined by Joseph Colbourne, who was recently voted Boston's Best Dance DJ by The Phoenix, along with Neil J. Molitoris of Get Low!, Glen of Absinthe & Presents, and Rob Low of Young Toughs.

The Milky Way Lounge & Lanes is located at 405 Centre Street in Jamaica Plains. "Back On Track" is 21+ and free.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Interview with Elizabeth Ziman of Elizabeth & the Catapult!

Elizabeth Ziman of the talented Elizabeth & the Catapult was kind enough to answer some questions for WTBU last week! We touched on the upcoming album, "selling out," and what other awesome artists Elizabeth's been listening to as of late. Below is an excerpt; the full interview can be found on the Girl Powa! facebook group page here.

You can check out E + the C on Myspace and at their official site, elizabethandthecatapult.com. Enjoy!

- Jessy Bartlett

J: How are you and how are things with E + the C? I hear you were recording in Texas last week - how did that go?

E: Really well! we were in Austin recording for a couple of days with jim eno from spoon. Danny Molad(our drummer) is pretty tight with him already from his experiences recording the Via Audio record--so it was super comfortable coming into. We're not really used to recording in studios, since we done everything by ourselves in the past---so it was really a luxury for us. There were so many instruments! We're used to hiking around the city looking for pianos to record, but this studio had a wurlitzer, a helpenschitll, piano and rhodes---all at our fingertips(literally)---I felt like a kid in a candy shop. Also we're used to having Danny engineer everything for us---but Jim gets some pretty amazing sounds, so I'm sure Danny was more than happy just to concentrate on playing the drums for once! We were only in Austin for four days but we knocked a couple out.

J: You guys are not signed to any label right now, which must allow you a lot of freedom, but it must also be a lot of work. Has going it on your own been what you expected?

E: Yeah, for a long time we were completely autonomous, no manager, no lawyer, no booking agent, no producer, no label. And of course we took some pride it in, because every little bit of success tasted that much sweeter. But all that has been changing in the last couple of months. We're slowly building a team together- and it actually feels right. We have a lot of new stuff recorded and we'll probably be choosing which label to put the new album out on in the next month. That's just not the kind of decision you want to rush into.

J: I got this next question from Under the Radar magazine - they asked a bunch of indie artists this question and got some varied responses:

A lot of indie artists have had songs in TV commercials in the last year. What are your thoughts on this? Do you regard these artists as sell-outs or is that an outdated notion?

E: I heard some people making fun of "Of Montreal's" spot in an "Outback Steakhouse" commercial recently---I couldn't understand why. Especially now, when most of the money artists are making are from touring and licensing opportunities, you'd have to have a great deal of "spirit" to say no to a lifetime of residuals from outback steakhouse.

J: So, if Apple called you tomorrow and said, we are coming out with this new iPod and we want Elizabeth and the Catapult singing "Momma's Boy" in the commercial, do you say yes?

E: HELLS YES. We were interviewed on a Berklee radioshow a couple months ago, right after the Boston show---and they asked if there was any specific tv spots we wouldn't be comfortable submitting for--I'd be a bit uncomfortable submitting for a playtex commercial, or a 'hollywood tans' spot, but we recently gave a bunch of mtv reality shows the right to play our songs so I don't think we're that choosy. At a certain point it's just pretentious.

Read the complete interview here.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Drew Danburry: He Gets Drunk On Sleep, Not On Alcohol

An inspiring musician, Drew Danburry is the exception to the stereotypical, alcohol-abusing rock artist. Keeping his morals close to his side, he represents the way an artist should behave by simply being himself. He is an honest, hopeful, and caring young man toward whom others gravitate because they find his qualities so endearing.

Through his music, Danburry subtly sings his soulful message of hope to others. He has released three full-length albums, one live compilation, and one EP since 2004. According to Erasing Clouds’ art reviews (www.erasingclouds.com), Danburry's albums showcase him as a songwriter with a great sense for pop melody, a willingness to bare his heart in song, and also a playful attitude about music. Surprisingly, music was not a major part of his youth, but he played saxophone and eventually wrote songs for fun.'

Danburry insists, “I’m not the kind of person who can sit there and say music has been my life. I was an active, normal kid. I had an all-American youth.”

The soft-spoken musician grew up on the shores of Huntington Beach, California, but claims his home is Utah because he has no roots in the sunshine state. His parents raised him Mormon in a family of 11, although two of his siblings died at birth and one passed away recently. Religion plays a major part in how Danburry views the world and how he sees other people, but he rarely jumps upon the subject in conversation:

“I don’t ever want to bring it up,” states Danburry adamantly. “I don’t want to say, ‘I’m a religious person; I’m a religious singer’ because I’m not perfect. I’m not looking to be a role model or put myself out there. I’m doing the best I can, but when someone says, ‘hey I’m of this religion,’ automatically others are more critical of that person. Judgement can be made when it’s unnecessary. I’m not the prophet of the church. I’m just a member.”

Even for those skeptical of religion, the most striking aspect of Danburry is that he is a good person regardless of his faith. When comparing Danburry to other modern-day musicians, he lives an exceptionally moral life.

Perhaps the most “unique” aspects of Danburry’s performances are the lines of words sung from his lips. He creates scripted scenarios that make people think about life; he literally pulls listeners out of their perspectives and forces them to objectively step away from what is familiar.

According to his brother Gordon, Danburry sees the reality of American consumerism and idealism and decides to take a strong look at whether such ideals are for him. He then acknowledges that all humans are equal—on the same playing field—and treats them lovingly.

For his latest EP entitled, Mother, Danburry is working with Apples and Cats Promotion. When his new album hits in the summer, they will be doing full radio promotion. Getting signed is his next task, although he is not shooting for a major label. According to Danburry, Apples and Cats Promotion calls their clients individually and cares whole-heartedly about what they do.

Danburry manages to garner excitement at every show on tour; his goal is to have the best show he can possibly have every night. According to The New Hampshire, Danburry could easily fit in on a bill with Saddle Creek heavy-weights Bright Eyes or even Cursive. Danburry will be playing at The Collective A-Go-Go at 266 Olean Street in Worcester, Massachusetts on May 8th. For more information, visit Danburry at www.myspace.com/drewdanburry.

-Jen Brown

On Air With Captain Awesome Interviews Porn Star

"This interview feels like hope to me. It's equally everything we are and everything we aspire to be. It's a mirror to our faces. I'd also like to dedicate it to Danielle Kosaan."
-Andy Hoglund.

Part 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/nke2jn
Part 3: http://www.sendspace.com/file/2h4mwn
Part 4: http://www.sendspace.com/file/op571i