Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jen Choi Knows A Lot of Cool Websites

I am sure that many of my internet savy readers are well aware of the awesomeness called: La Blogotheque.

La Blogotheque, in collaboration with Fresh Media, is a French music blog. What La Blogotheque is most famous for is hands down the improvised music videos that are posted on their site.

Acts include the Arcade Fire, Liars, Animal Collective, O'Death, Au Revior Simone and much much more. Not only are these performances amazing but they also include little snippets of artists just hanging around and being…dudes.

Its much more intimate and thusly very enjoyable for music fans and/or creepy voyeurs alike. Check out the Vodpod for two of my favorite perforamces featured on La Blogotheque:

The Arcade Fire - PARIS 03/19/2007 Neon Bible & Wake Up (Time 15:30)

Enjoy! Or as the French would say: Appréciez !

-Jen Choi

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