Thursday, March 27, 2008

This Week's Music Department Update

Music Department Newsletter for March 25, 2008

(Brought to you by Jen Brown and Keith Simpson)


1. Plants and Animals' Parc Avenue. The excellent Plants and Animals EP reached the WTBU offices a couple weeks ago, and now the full album is finally out and meeting all of our expectations. In this new release from Secret City Records, the band deftly blends roots rock with modern indie rock sounds and lyrics. There is a lot to like.
2. Man Man's Rabbit Habits. The third full length from the Philadelphia band. They made their name opening for acts such as Cat Power and Modest Mouse, but each new album shows them coming more and more into their own. Man Man is instantly recognizable by their unique arrangements, often involving various household percussive objects and honky tonk piano. You'll love this band for their raw energy if nothing else.
3. Ferras' Aliens and Rainbows. This singer-songwriter was discovered by Fred Durst (yes that Fred Durst) and brought to Capitol records to release his first album. The sunny, theatrical piano pop is deeply rooted in the mainstream but can still provide a deep and engaging listen if given the chance. Comparisons to recent bands like The Fray are sure to come.
4. Voyager One's Afterhours in the Afterlife. This is the fourth album from this accomplished Seattle band. They recently finished up a tour with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and had their songs featured on MTV. Their ethereal, psychedelic melodies and their funky rhythm section create an instantly engaging mix. Check out track 2 when you get a chance.
5. The Matches' A Band in Hope. These guys have earned themselves countless comparisons to bands such as Yellowcard and Sum41 but I think they deserve a bit more credit than that. Their songs show a genuine appreciation for classic and prog rock sounds of earlier times that breathes fresh life into their music. This is their third album and if you have heard them before you know what to expect.

1. Billy Bragg - Mr. Love and Justice
2. POTUSA - These Are the Good Times People
3. Hot Chip - Made in the Dark
4. Elf Power - In A Cave
5. Destroyer - Trouble in Dreams

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