Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Music Department Update: This Week's Top Albums

Here are the top album from the WTBU Music Directors, for March 5th through Spring Break...

Current Top Five Albums:

1. Louis XIV - Slick Dogs and Ponies
2. Hot Chip - Made in the Dark
3. Goldfrapp - Seventh Tree
4. The Fashion EP
5. The Pack AD – Tintype

Top Five Adds:

1. DESTROYER with Trouble In Dreams: Dan Bejar executes gorgeous songs with super-cool lyrics. If you know Destroyer, you will love this album. If you don’t know Destroyer, GET TO KNOW THIS ALBUM. Also, don’t be fooled by the name: Destroyer would rather sing you to sleep than tear you apart. Check out "Libby's First Sunrise" and "Leopard of Honor."

2. PLANTS AND ANIMALS with With/Avec {EP}: Try this Canadian album out. It has cascading Nick Drake guitar parts with soft vocals. If anything, this album is unique and does not sound like much else that is out there. Faerie Dance is a favorite.

3. LOS CAMPESINOS with Hold On Now, Youngster : Pitchfork likes them—see if you do as well. They’re a big group from the UK and they bring a great poppy, happy sound that most “indie” fans will love. Check them out at the Paradise in March.

4. ELF POWER with In A Cave: Nice piano melodies and some peppy folk rock songs. “Spiral Stairs” is their signature track, but check out the others too—they are all OK to play on-air.

5. WHAT MADE MILWAUKEE FAMOUS with What Doesn't Kill Us: Poppy music that sounds like it could be played on main-stream radio. You will agree when you hear the song “Cheap Wine” and some of the other tracks.

--Jen Brown and Keith Simpson

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