Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nicole Atkins @ TT The Bear’s: Boston’s on Fire!

Nicole Atkins took the stage shortly after midnight at TT the Bear’s Place in Cambridge Friday night. Always dressed to impress, Nicole sported a shimmery black dress over black leggings with red heels to pull off the cute but dark look she wears so well. She thanked everyone for coming out on the first official night of her first headlining tour. “This is the first time we’re playing in Boston with more than five people in the crowd!” she announced to cheers from the packed room.

WTBU caught up with Nicole last week in a phone interview to talk about the album, her first headlining tour, and her plans for the future. When asked what her favorite track on the album was, Nicole said it had to be “Cool Enough,” which she described as a song about “growing up and wanting so badly to get out of the place you come from.”

Nicole and her band the Sea played a killer live version of “Cool Enough” with an extended guitar solo at the end that had everyone feeling like we were at a rock concert. She mixed up the pace with a few slower songs as well such as album standout “The Way It Is,” which she delivered with every ounce of passion from the album version and spot-on vocals. On fan favorite “Brooklyn’s on Fire,” Nicole asked the crowd to sing along on the chorus: Fourth of, July, Brooklyn’s, on fire!

After ending the show with an earnest performance of album title track “Neptune City,” also Nicole’s hometown, things went back into rock mode for the encore. Nicole and the band came back out to play a rocking cover of Patti Smith’s “Pissing in a River” and went out with a bang.

What’s next for Nicole Atkins? When asked about her next move after her cross-country tour, Nicole told WTBU that she has already begun thinking about the next album. She revealed that she would love to work with super producer Jon Brion, best known for his Grammy nominated film scores on movie soundtracks and his work with talented artists such as Fiona Apple and Rufus Wainwright.

“I hope I didn’t just jinx it by telling you!” Us too!

Check out a clip from Friday night of Nicole singing “Neptune City” here:

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--Jessy Bartlett

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