Thursday, February 7, 2008


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Walking the thin line between writing and not writing a paper, I take time to consider my night’s possibilities:
1. Write my paper
2. Take a probably disappointing trek through the Godless Boston Winter
3. Further develop my social awkwardness and risk a restraining order due to Facebook or real-life stalking

Naturally drawn to the third option, I suddenly recall being pleasantly surprised by a find called by the folks at Seeqpod.

With, instead of listening to my lame iTunes or talking to real people, I can simply type in a song and its respective artist and, like a brisk baseball to the teeth, finds and plays my song within seconds!

Not sure what you exactly want to listen to but hell bent on a song from one of your almost favorite bands? Type in the artist’s name and leave the song bar blank! does the rest of the work for you.

Really the only down fall, after extensive research, is the fact that you can’t play made up songs like “teehee haha” by A’;jfgv[eo.

…and those are my feelings on

--Jen Choi

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Anonymous said...

i found this one works better

i can never really find what im looking for with that site