Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Music Department Update: This Week's Top Albums

At WTBU, we are constantly getting tons of new music in, and our rotation records change frequently. Can't tune in long enough to hear them all? You are in luck. Starting this week, music directors Jen Brown and Keith Simpson will be picking out overall top albums in rotation, and the best new additions. Check out their picks for this week:

Top five albums:
1. The soundtrack to the film I’m Not There. The movie is a tribute to Bob Dylan and the soundtrack includes Dylan covers from artists like Sonic Youth, Cat Power, Jenny O, Sufjan Stevens, Steven Malkmus, and more. Listen and enjoy—the album includes two discs.
2. Stars: In Our Bedroom After the War. The latest from the five-member Canadian group, Stars. This album sounds similar to past albums by the band, but has an even more intimate feel. The female/male vocals continue to attract fans in songs like “Midnight Coward,” “My Favourite Book,” “Personal,” and “Barricade.”
3. The soundtrack to the film Juno. Indie-movie lovers are all falling for this indie-music album. Kimya Dawson and her duo, The Moldy Peaches have some great tracks on the album. Listen to “Anyone Else But You” on air. If you want to hear “Loose Lips", check out Kimya's myspace. (You probably won't hear it on air because it’s not AQ.)
4. The Fashion, by The Fashion. This album was last week’s number-one add, and has been played enough to earn the station’s fourth slot. The fashion has some great dance beats, including the first track entitled, “Like Knives.”
5. Roots and Echoes by The Coral. This album is The Coral’s fourth and was recording at Oasis’ home studio in Buckinghamshire. Check out their classic Kinks and early Stones vibe on “Dreaming of You,” “Not So Lonely,” and “Don’t You Think You’re the First.”

Top five new adds:
1. Hot Chip’s Made in the Dark. Excellent indie rock vocals teamed with beats hard and funky enough for the dance floor, check out the breakdown on track 2. Listen to it on the electronica shows.
2. Louis XIV’s Slick Dogs and Ponies. The subject matter gets a little darker in this effort but still overall good fun. Frenetic, angular melodies and rhythms with eccentric vocals.
3. The Grand Archives’ debut album. A new project from Mat Brooke of Band of Horses. Adds a 70’s folk and Americana vibe to their Seattle indie sound. Listen for this on classic rock shows.
4. Times New Viking’s Rip it Off. Pure and simple song-craft submerged under entrancing layers of guitar fuzz. Perfect for a punk or experimental theme.
5. Crushed Stars’ Gossamer Days. Intimate, mournful acoustic guitar ballads. Spotless production and haunting arrangements.

(Check back every Monday for Jen and Keith's weekly update.)

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jenbrown said...

im glad you added this, liz. thank you.

just a note: the top five albums are the current MOST-PLAYED albums on the station. the top five adds are the BEST CDs we have received in the mail from record/promo companies this week.