Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NY metal band EXEMPTION on BU in the Morning today, 10 am

Hey, do you like metal? Exemption are a sweet metal band from New York. They are on tour celebrating the release of a new record, Public Cemetery. The NY Deli magazine said this about their new record:

The songs are a kaleidoscope of musical styles: thick stoner metal mudslides slam head on into psychedelic landscapes; antehemic pop hooks give way to fiery surf-rock riffs, and crusty blues jams become violent exercises in aggressive funk. The first track “Hyperspiral” is a perfect example of this, moving seamlessly from Mastodon & Torche-esque riffage to euphoric melodies and hooks reminiscent of Rubber Soul.

Following their show Monday night at the Midway in JP, Exemption will be on BU in the Morning today to discuss their new record. Stream it here on their Bandcamp and tune in at 10am!

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