Monday, November 1, 2010

Beat's Antique concert review

A romantic, misty mood set the scene on October 22nd when Beats Antique took the stage at our beloved Harpers Ferry. Beginning with hit “Beauty Beats,” off their album Collide, Beats Antique got the crowd sweating from the second they stepped on stage. While David Satori and Tommy Cappel jammed on the keyboards, drums, guitar, etc., Zoe Jakes set the pace of the show with her percussion skills and bellydancing routine. Although Zoe usually entertains the audience throughout the Beats Antique’s entire show, she danced during only a fraction of the songs.

While disappointing, it was understandable due to rumors that she was under the weather during the band’s Boston tour date. When Zoe did dance, she was exquisite—her movements put the audience in a trance, making them move along with her, not being able to stop until the song had ended.

Beat’s Antique played a two-hour set that seemed to capture the crowd’s attention. The dance floor was packed and audience members were seriously grooving to the electric beats. However, I did notice that people started leaving only an hour into the show—maybe due to the fact that Beats Antique did not begin playing until after midnight.

I would definitely recommend Beat’s Antique to anyone who craves spirituality in his or her music. A Beat’s Antique show will take you on a magical journey through an African desert, or a Middle Eastern wedding, and will end up wowing you with the incorporation of jazz and hip hop. The band release their third EP, Blind Threshold, in September. Check it out on their myspace:

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