Thursday, January 21, 2010

MARTAY interview.

Tune in to Redefined this week (Fridays, 10PM-12 Midnight) for an exclusive live in-studio interview with BU's very own MARTAY!

This is her bio:

Her name is Martay and what she does is point people towards the "Most High". Taking into account what St. Francis of Assisi says - "Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words", Martay views music as an influential avenue to reach others with the Great news of Jesus Christ. "There's no need to always be speaking and letting my mouth run. The Gospel is bigger than that. It's absolutely necessary to walk it out.. demonstrate it.. perhaps even depict it through music" says the wise, beyond-her-years, 20 year old.

"Most of the world is seeking for something that's deeper than what we can see, hear, taste, and touch. And most are tired of people talking about it.. we want to witness it first hand." This is why Martay, birthed- Gabriella Williams, does what she does. She sees it necessary to bring music to the table that glorifies Jesus and empowers spiritual maturity. The music that this young innovator is putting out is something that's never been produced before: Catchy, soulful melodies laid perfectly over edgy, modern instrumentation.

It's terribly hard to put this young woman in a box and say she's going to be the next "so-and-so". The passion for Christ she demonstrates, the edgy sound she's equipped with and her determination to make good music are qualities that give her a genre of her own. To say where this witty, fun-filled musician is going to be in the near future is like predicting what God will do next. We must all stay in tune for this one, she is a mighty voice of this generation.

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