Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Interview w/ Damon Krukowski today on Left of the Dial

Damon Krukowski of Damon & Naomi (and formerly of Galaxie 500) will be calling in to Left of the Dial today around 4:30!

On Sunday Damon & Naomi will be performing at the Brattle Theatre for a special event: 1001 Nights: An Evening of Music, Film and Conversation. The night will feature a screening of Naomi's films from the Factory 25 DVD 1001 Nights; a Q&A with D&N moderated by Haden Guest, Director of the Harvard Film Archive and author of the liner notes to 1001 Nights; and a live show featuring sets by Sharon van Etten and Damon & Naomi w/ Michio Kurihara.

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