Sunday, February 8, 2009

WTBU Interviews: Grave Maker

Grave Maker are a hardcore band from Vancouver. Their debut record, Bury Me At Sea, is arguably one of the best hardcore records of the year, and their live show is said to be even better. Without further ado, here is Grave Maker.

How long have you all know each other? When did you decide to become a band and how did it come about? Any advice for starting a band?

The band started with Andy Rice who was supposed to sing, Brian and Chris on guitar, Jon on bass and Wayne on drums.. that last a few practices and Andy ended up moving to Boston so Jon decided he was going to try and sing which ended working and being awesome.

I ended up moving back to Vancouver and Jon asked if I wanted to come down and play bass, and right around that time Chris decided he wanted to move to Regina.

So our first show ended up being Jon, Wayne, Brian and myself and now it's Jon, Wayne and myself partying away!

What do you think of the Canada scene? How does it compare to the American Hardcore scene? Do you see any differences between American shows and Canadian shows?

When it comes down to it, it's all the same. Kids going to shows having fun and enjoying life. There definitely is differences, not near as many tours come threw Canada so local scenes in some places are a lot stronger, and when bands come threw on tour kids seem to be a lot more stoked as opposed to some places in the states where they get shows 5 days a week.

What are some issues that you guys care about? Are you guys Straight Edge? Vegetarian/Vegan? Jon I saw on your myspace you like the book Dharma Punx, are you a Buddhist?

Right now there is 3 members of Grave Maker, myself, Jon and Wayne. Both Wayne and Jon are straight edge and get stoked when we stay with strangers houses and find out they're also edge. As far as issues that we are into, we're just dudes that love traveling, making new friends and playing shows. We're just 'whatever' about a lot things, we just sit back and enjoy the ride :)

What bands do you look to for inspiration? Are there bands that you guys listen to but people would not expect? What do you play in the tour bus?

Jon loves Paramore.
Wayne listens to a lot of CCR
My favorite band is the Vanilla Muffins.
On tour we listen to absolutely everything.

--Brian Krenzer

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