Tuesday, January 20, 2009

WTBU Interviews: Juliet Simms of Automatic Loveletter

Up-and-coming band Automatic Loveletter has been touring for the past two years in support of their EP, Recover. With a stop at last year’s Bamboozle Festival, a run on Warped Tour this summer, and a new album coming out this May, it’s surprising that lead singer Juliet Simms had time to answer some questions for WTBU during their Fall tour with Secondhand Serenade…

How was it being one of the acts on this past summer’s Warped Tour?

It was an experience of a lifetime. Everyday you get to play music, hang with musicians you look up to, meet and hang with fans, and have a blast! It’s like summer camp for rock stars; how could it not be insanely fun?!

I was stoked to see our good friends All Time Low, Between The Trees, A Cursive Memory, The Audition, and From First to Last. Getting to see Jack's Mannequin was AMAZING! I always enjoyed catching Mayday Parade, We The Kings and All That Remains’ sets. I think the coolest thing about Warped is getting to watch bands you love and then hangout after with them.

We hung out with all the above, I got to chill with Tom from Angels and Airwaves (that was pretty tight). I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard, that guy is FUNNY! Hung out with Katy Perry (I love her). I ate lunch with Josh Freeze one day and that was surreal.

How’s touring in general?

I LOVE touring so much! But it does have its ups and downs. For instance I love being in the van for long periods of time, but when its time to pee the hassle of pulling over kind of gets annoying, or the fact that you’re having to constantly lug your luggage in and out of hotels and into venues, unpacking repacking etc… gets to be tiresome… but on the flip side I get to hangout with my best friends everyday… play music every night and do what I love…so it pretty much makes up for anything that’s not entirely ideal.

What are the things you love that fans bring you?

Fans have brought us some very cool things in the past… a few of my faves have been sweet mint orbit gum, socks, bracelets they make, DVDs, blankets, candy and spitz pumpkin seeds. One time I even got a whole case of miso ginger salad dressing! The best is all the artwork and paintings that people actually take the time to make.

How did you end up on your current tour with Secondhand Serenade, Cute Is What We Aim For, and A Rocket To The Moon? What did you expect before the tour started?

Earlier this year we toured with SHS and the band became BEST friends with us. We all wanted to tour again so that was a big part of it. Last year during ‘07 Warped I stayed on Cute's bus for 4 days while I did acoustic appearances, so I became friends with them then... but how it really happened is John from SHS called me on Warped and he said that a GREAT tour was being put together for the winter and would I be interested? I don’t think he finished asking before I was like "uh yes!"

We expected packed rooms, crazy crowds, awesome venues and all around good times… and every expectation has been met… above and beyond! So far my favorite/crazy moments of the tour have been when Shaant from Cute wore my pink Long John Onesie out on stage during SHS set. He ran across the stage ballet dancing the whole time in front of like 2000 kids!

The first time we played a House Of Blues, the crowd was so insane that at the end I decided to crowd surf and it was probably the funnest thing I’ve ever done! Also every night Shaant brings Nick (ARRTTM singer) and I out on stage for the last song and we sing and then jump down into the crowd! And its pretty crazy every time... Last night in Chicago the crowd was so intense the barrier almost broke!

In other interviews, you have mentioned a full-length album. How is the progress on that? Who have you been working with or plan to work with? What can fans expect from it?

Like I said the record is coming out in May =D. It’s actually almost completely done… I have one more song to lay vocals down on and then its done! I’ve been working with Curt Schneider for half of it and Matt Squire did the other half. Mix n' up..ya know?..like an omelet with everything in it and a chocolate banana shake on the side...and then for dessert oreo cookies with peanut butter and milk..mmmm

What are your plans for the upcoming New Year? Are you currently booked for any other tours/festivals (cough cough…Bamboozle. cough cough)?

Hahaha we actually find out about Bamboozle and Warped in the next few days...We start out on our headlining tour January 15th! Our good friends A Cursive Memory are direct support... and 2 more unannounced bands.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell WTBU listeners/fans?

Yes..I don't like you…I love you!

You can find details of Automatic Loveletter’s headlining tour at www.myspace.com/automaticloveletter. They drop by Harper’s Ferry in Allston on Wednesday, February 11 with A Cursive Memory, The Friday Night Boys, and The Appreciation Post.

-Adam Azahari
DJ of “Wow, That’s Legit!” on Sundays from 8-10 AM

You can read more of this interview at http://wowthatslegit.tumblr.com.


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