Monday, January 12, 2009

“Infidels and Hussies”… Drew Danburry Attracts Them All

Drew Danburry convinces you to “love the crowded Utah valley” in his latest album, This Could Mean Trouble, You Don't Speak For The Club. Danburry’s third full-length album includes his signature characteristics fans love (like his comforting, raw vocals), while incorperating new sounds as well, such as the dreamy piano melody on the intro song, “Weezer.”

The singer infuses the record with personality, especially on the track “Residents in Orange County,” in which he says quite boldly, “tripping over dumpsters is the only way to come home after dark.” Background noise also peaks through parts of songs, whether it’s in the form of shouted phrases, clapping, or an entire musical hodgepodge like the one created in the track “Accident.”

Clearly Danburry knows how to stir the hearts of listeners. His choice to cover his friend’s song “Take Me Home” was a wise one, with its catchy tune and fun word play that together tug on fans’ heartstrings. “L'ecole” is another track on the album in tune with the emotion of listeners, with story-telling lyrics projecting moral values and prompting people to question how they live their lives.

The two-minute track “Billboards” has been a gem on Danburry’s setlist for a couple years now and is finally featured on this album. It speaks of the harsh reality humans face daily. His attempt to explain society is noteable in that his words don’t bug listeners; he manages to come off experienced, knowledgeable, and still humble.

The ending of the album is sort of a joke for Danburry’s fans, although it may confuse first-time listeners. It’s a southern twist on part one of “Tonight I Was Trying To Read.” Danburry uses a twangy accent, reinforcing his ability to make unconventional decisions, which at the end of the day is what sets him apart from others in the large category of modern indie music.

--Jen Brown

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