Thursday, July 31, 2008

You Could Be Kanye West!

Just by popping a couple of pills you could be Kanye West, apparently.

As I was riding on the Q32 Bus (name dropping)from work to go to Penn Station (more name dropping)the other day, I noticed a strange ad above my head. As soon as the creepy old man across from me got out of his seat I took a couple of photos using my iPhone (1st generation though...I know I'm a loser) (oh yeah, another name drop).

Anyways, the ad said "Be Kanye Now" and had an interweb URL for more 411.
As soon as I got home I jumped onto my CPU and typed in! I was redirected to the Absolut Vodka Website and was told to type in my birth date. Now, when a website asks for my age I expect to see some least some boobs. SORRY! NO BOOBS THERE! Just something about alcohol or something equally as kewl. I don't really remember because I got bored with it.



liz pelly said...

i saw the same ad on the 1 train (name drop) the other day, while on my way to cmj (name drop). thanks for clearing that up.

Sam Inchausti said...

i saw it too! on the D train (name drop) on my morning commute to FOX news (name drop. unfortunately).

Sarah said...

where have you been?!

John Schwartz said...

i've been here?

Yelena said...

it's an ad for Absolut Vodka.

John Schwartz said...

are you sure?