Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hipsters are moving off Greylock and onto Sesame Street

Feist is teaching kids how to count and be hip all at the same time!

Guest starring on season premiere of Sesame Street (Aug. 11th) is, you guessed it (right?), Feist. Changing the lyrics of "1234" to teach alt/hipster children of alt/hipster/electro-rocker parents how to count to 4 without sounding like a total nerd. And I thought PBS was safe from hipsters.

On episode 2 of the new season Elmo teaches you how to build and maintain your fixed-gear bicycle for optimum performance. You'll be able to throw that messenger bag across your torso and hit the road in no time!

Even though this special 39th season premiere airs next month, I'm gonna hook you up with this special video.

- nhoj


jessy said...

Feist does not equal hipster. Feist equals all things beautiful and good.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Even though I like Feist and Sesame Street (yeah I said it), it's a pretty good marketing ploy to get the late-20-something parents to still feel hip even though they're dragging around some kids.

Even American Apparel makes baby clothes.

liz pelly said...

i think it's great. kimya is going to be on sesame street after her kid's cd comes out, too. if i had a kid, i would want him/her to be listening to feist and kimya dawson.

Devon said...

First, I'd like to point out that the only people who ever comment on our blog are radio employees.

Secondly, while I enjoy Feist as much as the next tragically cool college child, I was disappointed that she wasn't wearing Ray Bans or plaid. She is truly a disappointment to the hipster community.

P.S. Why does the thing about Kimya not surprise me?

jessy said...

"There's no irony. Sesame Street is just a crazy great place to be." - Feist