Friday, April 25, 2008

WTBU Fundraiser @ Boston Pizza & Grill

Boston Pizza & Grill and WTBU are working together this week, Thursday April 26th to Thursday May 1st, in a fundraiser which ends up giving customers 10% off their order! You can receive the discount for take-out, eat-in, and even when you place a delivery order!

All you have to do is mention WTBU when you order your pizza, sub, calzone, or anything from the menu and good ol’ Eli and his family down in West Campus will give you 10% off your order while 10% of the sales come back to WTBU.

So please remember to help us out while you save some money on take-out!

Boston Pizza & Grill
270 Babcock St.
Boston, MA 02215
*** (617)562-1400 ***

Thanks so much, and keep us in mind this week (or weekend) when you’re thinking about where to eat!

--Kristen Fleury

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