Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Music Department Update, 4/1

This Week's Top Five New Adds:
1. The Black Keys- Attack and Release. You know you will like this album, so give it a play. If you haven't heard of TBK, you should have and I'm sorry for you. Great guitar parts with the sound of rock perfected on this much-anticipated album. BAD-ASS.

2. Drew Danburry- Mother. Drew Danburry is my favorite artist in the United States. His music is extremely raw and beautiful—his lyrics are his strength. Drew has toured the US for a few years now… he is slowly making a name for himself… he is the nicest person I have ever met and I would love it if you play his CD. Sounds like Elliott Smith slightly/Doveman.

3. Foals- Antidotes. A subpop album worth acknowledgement. Hip, British music: Oxford University drop-outs! A little like Bloc Party vocally.

4. The David Wax Museum- I Turned Off Thinking About. Beautiful, quiet music with soft vocals. Think Iron and Wine with more strings. So much time and effort was put into this album musically. All tracks are playable.

5. Moby- Last Night. Moby's out with his latest! He returns to his old form with this album of dance music. Try "Ooh Yeah" and "Disco Lies" from this 42 year-old Vegan.

Current Top Five Most Played Albums:
1. Kenny G – The Essential Kenny G
2. Fleetwood Mac - Tusk
3. R. Kelly – Trapped in the Closet (Chpts. I-XXIII)
4. Michael Bolton – Swingin' Christmas
5. Ronny James Dio – Holy Diver

--Jen Brown & Keith Simpson

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