Sunday, March 6, 2011

Middle Brother + Dawes and Deer Tick

On March 3rd, your fellow music directors attended what ended up to be one of the best concerts in Boston. Only the second show of their US tour, Middle Brother performed at the Paradise Rock Club with Dawes and Deer Tick. The interesting part? Middle Brother is a collaboration of Dawes, Deer Tick, and other indie-rock band Delta Spirit. Therefore, throughout the entire concert, each member of each band was asked on stage to perform with the on-stage band. Members of Deer Tick would come on stage and sing a Dawes song and vice versa. Imagine if you saw everyone of your favorite musicians on-stage at one time, singing, dancing, having a ball. It was every folk-indie-rocksy-loving person's dream.

The entire concert was just a melting pot of talent, brilliance, and happiness. This concert was a perfect example of bands influencing audience and audience influencing the bands. The happiness and excitement from the bands on-stage exuded onto the audience, where everyone at the Paradise was also singing, dancing, having a ball. Middle Brother spontaneously ended their encore with lead singer of Deer Tick, John McChauley singing "Twist and Shout." It got every person in the audience jumping and screaming and laughing.

Middle Brother released their first album, "Middle Brother," this year. They are continuing their US tour and most likely are playing your hometown so if you missed them in Boston, make sure you do not back home. I assure you it is all worth it.

Some pictures I took from the concert:

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Ponting said...

Band is absolutely awesome and i must say that the Middle Brother is an American rock band consisting of songwriters and musicians John J. McCauley III of the Deer Tick,have some great sort of ability to perform and also they performed under the moniker "MG&V" in an unannounced appearance,great sort of skills they have.