Friday, December 3, 2010

Things got a little 'Foxy' at the Paradise Rock Club on Commonwealth Ave on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving

The rock band Foxy Shazam shared the stage with opening act Hollerado and co-headliner Free Energy, but stole the show with their mix of stage antics, a huge sound, and an overall fun atmosphere that rocked the Paradise.

With chants of "Foxy! Foxy! Foxy!" overwhelming the small venue, the six man band took the stage, and created an incredible tone that made the crowd jump and scream back the lyrics to their songs.

Mainly consisting of songs from their first major label release and newest album Foxy Shazam released back in April, the band ran around the stage, and quickly took control of the venue from the first grand note that they played. Mustachioed lead singer Eric Sean Nally jumped on horn player Alex Nauth's shoulders, while keyboardist Sky jumped on top of his keyboard during songs, banged on the keys with his feet, and reached out to touch the heads of the front row of the audience. All of them genuinely looked like they were having just as much fun as the crowd was.

But the real entertainment was centered around singer Nally. Jumping around stage with an eye patch over the eye that he injured during a previous performance, he channeled the late James Brown. He did tricks with the microphone stand, and hit high notes that seem impossible to reach. But, the antics didn't end there. During the set, Nally grabbed one of the drummer's large crash cymbals, put it on his head, and had the drummer beat away on it, not missing one beat.

At one point during the middle of a song, Nally proceeded to light three cigarettes, smoke them simultaneously during the latter half of the song, and then, at the very end, proceeded to eat all three lit cigarettes. Commenting later on stage, the only thing he had to say was: "Yuck. Disgusting."

But all the fun just didn?t happen during the songs. Nally's off the wall non-sequitors and long stories while the crew was "fixing the rock and roll" that seemed to have no real ending, kept the crowd entertained. At the end of "Unstoppable," the flamboyant lead singer proceeded to tell a story about how each of the band members received $965,000 for signing on to a major label deal with Warner Media Group. "I spent it all on FIREWORKS!" the lead singer declared with enthusiasm, prompting applause from the mainly student-filled audience. Then immediately segueing into the next song ?Bye Bye Symphony,? Nally declared "This next song is about being broke!"

Before the show, I was able to sit down with bassist Daisy, and horn player Alex and discuss their band, as well as their sound on their newest album. The interview gave me insight into their influences, their favorite bands, life on the road, and the ?day the music cried.? Check it all out below, with a clip of the show from the Paradise as well). - Interview Part 1 - Part 2 - "Unstoppable" + Story

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