Friday, October 8, 2010

Guitar Wolf and Peelander Z Interview on Abuse Substance

Guitar Wolf and Peelander-Z, two of the most rockin’est bands to grace this Earth. Guitar Wolf, a band consistently filling arenas back at home in Japan, rarely tours the US. Their last tour had brought them to CBGB’s in September 2003 along with Peelander-Z. Unfortunately Bass Wolf died of an overdose, brining the tour to an abrupt end. But now they are back to play the show to end all shows at Andrew WK’s very own Santo’s in NYC. The tall gates of Midgard opened and I was carried by two cute asian scenester valkeries into the halls of roknroll Valhalla. If you don't know anything about Guitar Wolf, here are some hard facts:

They are the loudest band in the history of humankind. Check the Guinness book yourself.

They are the coolest band in the history of humankind. Undeniable proof:

These guys don't know how to not kick ass and rock n roll. If Seiji cuts his wrist punching your weak face (shouldn't have touched his sunglasses), he would bleed distortion and raw

power. Playing bad ass driving energetic rawk is all they know how to do and its been coming quite naturally to them for two decades. And what better band to open for them than the legendary self-proclaimed comic-action punk band than Peelander-Z?

These guys put on a brilliant show every time and that’s saying a lot seeing as they’ve been touring Black Flag style for almost a decade, playing upwards of a hundred shows a year. Their performance at Santo’s transcends any words but I’ll throw some shit on the wall to see if it sticks: Squid-guitar, human bowling, congo lines of death, steak anthems, and old school punk rock.

Try to comprehend their awesomeness. Try hard, there’s a lot of it.

I caught up with singer and guitarist Peelander Yellow before they played:

Me: No, no espanol…Alright

Peelander Yellow: Okie, no espanol alright but uhh maybe engrish A little bit engrish.

Me: A little bit engrish?

Peelander Yellow: Is cool mike. I don’t know….Hey! This is Peelander Yellow from Peelander Planet to see your mom because I hung out with your mom a long time ago and uh I uh I MADE YOU with your mom you know what I’m saying…Your father is my enemy! No no no, I’m sorry, your mom and I…anyway anyway OK lets start.

Me: Ok. I came down from Boston from the radio sta-

Peelander Yellow: BOSTON! You from Boston?! You know Matazaka?

Me: Uh…nah

Peelander Yellow: Japanese pitcher?

Me: No. Anyways yeah…

Photographer Ian shows Peelander Yellow his Sonny Chiba tattoo…

Peelander Yellow: You know Nanasei? He sister, ex … *gibberish*

Photographer: Uh-huh, from Street Fighter. Yeah from Street Fighter.

Peelander Yellow: Yeah OK so five minutes five minutes!

Me: Like I said, from Boston, from the radio station Abuse Substance, any favorite comics?

Peelander Yellow: My favorite comic is Evangelion you know what I’m sayin. Neon Evangelion?

Me: The anime?

Peelander Yellow: Yeah anime.

Me: Yeah I watched it.

Peelander Yellow: Hokutonoken? Yeah right,

Me: Uhm.

Peelander Yellow: Dragonball Z?

Me: Oh Dragonball Z! Yeah watched that as a kid.

Peelander Yellow: You know Peelander Z, Peelander Z, that name is taken from Dragonball Z and another fast generation Maginga Z. You know Maginga Z?

Me: Yeah.

Peelander Yellow: Anyway that’s the kind of, uh, fast generation Obu, ah, transformer. I grew up with Maginga Z that’s why I use “Z”…They have a new song about Z.

Me: About Z?

Peelander Yellow: It’s cool.

Me: What’s it called?

Peelander Yellow: Uh, building, building Z, right?


Me: Next question, what’s the worst band you’ve ever played with?

Peelander Yellow: Guitar Wolf!

[More laughter.]

Me: Alright. If you were in a radioactive apocalypse and could have any mutation, what would you want? What would your favorite mutation be?

Peelander Yellow: Nani nani? What do you mean?

Me: Mutation, from like the apocalypse radiation, you know, like extra arms…eye stalks.

Peelander Yellow: Ok, so I need like sorta…

[Gestures to his penis]


Peelander Yellow: No no, don’t say anything! Your mom going to will kill me. So I either, no so I need more handsome face.

Me: More hands and faces?

Peelander Yellow: I’m already handsome, right? I’m already handsome.

Laughter as he rubs his bald head and pulls his yellow goatee.

Peelander Yellow: But I need more handsome face like you…Alright, he’s very handsome. Like you.

Me: Hah, alright cool, uhm oh! I was going to ask Peelander Green a question but whatever he’s not here.

Peelander Yellow: Peelander Green?

Me: You guys have a lot of sensitive vegetarians fans –

Peelander Yellow: Ok ok. Yeah we are thinking about the next album. We gonna be-

Me: Yeah yeah you guys going to have a veggie anthem?

Peelander Yellow: Yeah like the S.T.E.A.K. song. I’m sorry about this but we love steak. I wanna say how would you like cook you a steak medium rare. So for our next album we are going to make a veggie one, maybe tofu song, tofu.

Me: Or like carrots.

Peelander Yellow: Yeah tofu song, tofu.

Me: How old were you when you started doing peelander –

Peelander Yellow: Don’t ask I’m getting old.

Me: Ok how young were you?

Peelander Yellow: Ok how young were you. 17. I was 17

Me: 17?!

Peelander Yellow: 17.

Me: Dang! That’s cool.

Peelander Yellow: I’m jumping flying 17.

Me: 17 years old right now?

Peelander Yellow: Yeah, no I’m not only 17 years old right now, flying pretty 17. Yeah I’m actually 17 light years old. 17 light years old.

Me: Oh that’s old…that’s far!

Peelander Yellow: Ya! I’m no human being.

Me: Yeah.

Peelander Yellow: Yeah yeah yeah-

Me: That was actually the question I was going to ask Peelander Green…like a little bit of history behind him. I know he’s new, all the ladies are blogging about him-

Peelander Yellow: Yeah. Blue, he’s in the, he went back to Planet Peelander to be the king, yea. The king gave up so he’s ready to be the king, and Green, I grew up with him in the Z area of Peelander Z. He’s my friend of the, uh, we went to the same kindergarten. After that we split, OK? I never see. And after one day I found in Japan him, coincidence. And they come with us.

Me: That’s cool. Good timing.

Peelander Yellow: Ok time for two more.

Me: I don’t think I even have two more.

Ian the Photographer: How about Bruce Lee?

Me: Do you like Bruce Lee?

Peelander Yellow: Of course.


Peelander Yellow: I like Bruce Lee. It’s not only physical it’s not only kung fu, I love him he’s mine.

Ian the Photographer: Who would win in a fight? Bruce Lee or Sonny Chiba?

Peelander Yellow: Woooaah?

Ian the Photographer: Who would win in a fight, Bruce Lee or Sonny Chiba?

Peelander Yellow: Uhhhh Sonny Chiba with Nancy.

Me: With Nancy. Alright that’s all the questions I have but can you say something for the radio?

Peelander Yellow: What should I say for the station?

Me: Always…remember to abuse substance.

Peelander Yellow: No non don’t abuse?

Me: Or could you say that tongue twister? Willy’s real rear wheel?

Peelander Yellow: Willy’s rear. Willilliy’s realialowill?

[Hilarious Engrish ensues.]

Peelander Yellow: November 21th in Boston, yeah we have a show in there. Thank you.

Me: No thank you.

Peelander Yellow: Arigato gozaimasu, uh, bay baaaai


Peelander Yellow: Shh!

The show was great, Peelander-Z is coming to Boston to play at the Middle East in November, if you haven’t heard of them go see them. I can guarantee that it will change your perspective on shows. The next time you’re trapped in some Allston basemen/dungeon show surrounded by people who look like they need blood splashed on their faces to keep them from yawning while listening to emaciated angsty lumberjack types playing on keyboards, whining about responsibility and girls they stalk, you can look back on that one epically fun time you saw that crazy Japanese punk band you totally didn’t understand. Tilt your head back towards the ceiling and yell “HOW YOU LIKE ME COOK YOU A STEAK”. If anyone responds with an equally enthusiastic “MEDIUM RAAARE!”, you know you have found a life long friend and something to do besides punish your ears with mediocre music.

Listen to Abuse Substance, 10-12 PM. Punk and Hip Hop.


brendan said...

It's "Guitar Wolf", not "Guitar Wold". That's silly.

Hartley said...

Awesome interview! I've never actually heard of Peelander Z before, but now I wanna go to the show! Who did the interview? Brendan?

ianjane said...

Search for 'Guitar Wolf Invader Ace Santos' for video from the show. You should post some of those pictures of you with Yellow. They're funny.

Ian (The photographer)