Friday, April 2, 2010

SaintSeneca In-Studio Performance

On Thursday, March 25th, the Ohio based folk band Saintseneca performed on The Show About Nothing. Zac Little, Grace Chang, Luke Smith and Steve Jacobs comprise this incredibly talented group. These Ohio State students spent their spring break touring, and stopped by the studio in between performances in Allston and Cambridge.

Although there are only four members, Saintseneca filled the studio with the melodies of guitars, banjos, violins, dulcimers, trash-can-percussion, stomps, claps and voices; it sounded as if there were ten people crammed into Studio B. Saintseneca put tambourines and maracas in the plastic trash can to produce different sounds for different songs, creating the illusion that they were using an actual drum set. The band performed all four songs off of their 7”EP, as well as eight others. They played for about a half hour total, and talked for the rest.

Saintseneca spoke about their tour, which consisted of three stops in Boston and three others along the east coast; about how they got started after they all met at school; and about their lack of future plans (they hope that they keep playing together, as they have a great thing going, but don’t want to over-plan it too much). Saintseneca hopes to tour this summer, but does not have any dates set yet. They are, however, playing the Weapons of Mass Creation Festival in Cleveland, Ohio, on May 22nd and 23rd. If you’ll be in the area, go check them out!

For videos of the in-studio performance, as well as other musicians that have come into the station, check out The Show About Nothing’s facebook group or youtube channel.

-Brittney, Kristin, and Deb; The Show About Nothing

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