Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kids and Guitars, 10/24/09

Saturday night at the Democracy Center in Harvard Square, Mama Bird Recording Company put on a sea-songs-themed hootenanny.

The event, which had previously found its home in an attic in Allston, was held in a VFW-hall-style, historic, public space. And it was pouring. The rain made it difficult to trek all the way over to Cambridge, but it was well worth it. The dim chandeliers with electric candles and wood paneling lent itself perfectly to the sea-inspired folk. Acts like Vikesh Kapoor, Old Hannah, Barna Howard and Spitzer Space Telescope, were coupled with other kids who just wanted to sing some songs, touting their guitars, voices, violins, and banjos. Theses acts, associated with Mama Bird Recording, put on fantastic performances. Red-faced and shaking Spitzer Space Telescope belted out (a cappella) a powerful traditional sea shanty. Old Hannah performed some originals that loosely fit the theme. Vikesh and Barna also put on solid performances. And what's more, there were some gems performed by nameless kids who showed up just with a song to play.

The next hootenanny could be anytime and anywhere. You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for posters at Espresso Royale, ask around with those kids who ride fixies and wear flannel, or ask that cute girl who you’ve always had a crush on. You know, the one that wears all those grandma dresses and rings. You always see her smoking cigarettes outside Allston CafĂ© and Urban Renewal. She’ll know where it is.

For now, you can catch Vikesh Kapoor at the YMCA theatre (820 Mass. Ave.) October 26 with Faces on Film at 7 p.m.

-Joe DiFazio

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