Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Staying Pretty (and nice) While Touring

The Boston indie-rock group Pretty & Nice just left Beantown Saturday afternoon to go on tour with The Getup Kids.

The band had a couple East Coast intro shows to start up the tour (played a festival with Deerhoof), but they're currently on their way to Denver for their first Getup Kids show at the Marquis Theatre Wednesday night.

If you're a Pretty & Nice fan, you probably know by now that they're trying out a new website design and that they've unveiled secret downloads on the site over the past month. If you didn't know about the new design, now you know.

In addition to fun downloads and other media the band will be posting on the site, they're going further and creating a tour blog for all to see. It's a friendly day-to-day update on behind-the-scenes happenings for Pretty & Nice. It'll be interesting to read--especially once the band joins The Getup Kids and tours large venues for the first time. The tour is no easy task; the guys are up first out of three bands (Australian band Youth Group being second). Let's hope for fun and success as they embark on this West Coast venture and conquer all crowds!

For a detailed list of their tour dates, check out http://myspace.com/prettyandnice.
More importantly, check out their new tour blog at http://www.prettyandnice.com!

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