Thursday, July 2, 2009

Magic Magic Headlines Great Scott

Great Scott featured a three-band lineup last night featuring the bands Bedtime, Cymbals Eat Guitars, and Magic Magic.

Bedtime defines themselves as "1890s classical indie-moon rock." Although the band only plays original songs, they fall short at striking the audience with an original sound. They play songs with small jam sections that take away from their music at times, with what some fans could consider an excess of distortion and noise. Listening to the quartet that includes the basics of piano, vocals, drums, bass, and guitar, prompts listeners to wonder if they will ever get to hear something new amongst the thousands of indie bands that tour the same national venues as Bedtime. The opening slot on the bill was therefore an appropriate one for them to fill.

Perhaps Bedtime didn't quite cut it because Cymbals Eat Guitars was just so good. From hearsay and written reviews, I've heard both positive and negative things about the band--but mostly positive. I tried to tune out the buzz in order to listen/watch blindly, and I was reassured: the band is something to talk about. The previous question of whether anything "new" will surface in indie rock is answered with bands like Cymbals. They incorporate notable details like the use of a musical triangle or their double keyboards with electronic effects that some bands only save for recording. They also push themselves to vary the rhythm and loudness of the songs (usually with impeccable transition), which makes one track seem like it has a few tracks within it. The vocals have definite range to them too, with some singing, yelling, and talking. I talked to the guys after their set and they were humble and welcoming, which has proved to help them get heard over the last year; their album was self-released and most of their promotion DIY.

Boston's Magic Magic headlined the show to a packed house. The five-piece band played their usual songs plus a newbie ("Tastes Like Makeup") with stomping rhythm and well-written/well-sung lyrics. The lead singer, John Murphy, never sings a word without meaning it. The guys brought another element of musical diversity to the night with more focus and buildup to their songs, which they create from hard guitar riffs and double drum parts. It was nice to see a loyal set of Boston fans in the audience as well; they knew which songs to sing along to and request.

Magic Magic's next show is Friday in Providence. Check out their Myspace for more info.

The rest of Great Scott's summer shows are all up on the venue's website.

-Jen Brown, WTBU Music Director
(taken from Daughter of the Soho Riots)

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