Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Review: Evan Anderson Trio 4/27 @ Great Scott

This this past week has been high in tension and taxing, as the end of a semester usually is. But last night at the Great Scott, the Evan Anderson Trio’s sweet songs made my worries melt away—at least for an hour. It was like taking a nice drive on a summer day, with the windows down and the sunset in the distance. It was like having a picnic in Central Park when all of the flowers begin to bloom in spring. It was like watching leaves fall from the trees on a perfect fall day. It was every sentimental metaphor you can think of.

Even though the group is centered around Evan Anderson’s sumptuous vice and skilled guitar playing, the other members of the band contribute much to the sound. Eytan Nicholson, on drums, keeps the group together and tight. His interest in classical jazz can be detected through his drumming. Dan Puccio, on bass and sax, is the breakout star of the band. His sax solo during the last song of their set blew me away. The jazz interludes that the band goes into during some of the songs were my favorite parts of their set. Not to say that the rest of the songs were not entertaining, they were; but it is obvious the boys have some serious talent and can perform more complicated pieces.

That being said—I thoroughly enjoyed the show. The dynamic between the members is playful and amusing. It is obvious that they are all great friends outside of the band. I enjoyed the little quirks they add to the songs, such as clapping in unison and whistling. Its these details that separate the Evan Anderson Trio from your typical cute Berklee band. I especially enjoyed Dan’s dancing skills and Eytan’s goofy expressions. Evan seems like a good leader—aware of the rest of the band members yet aloof enough that he can still focus on himself. His lyrics and voice are perfect for each other. Listening to him sing, “Where are you my lonely stranger? I’d like to meet you,” during “I Don’t Have You” made me want to raise my hand and say “Helloooo…I’m right here.”

Overall, the show blew me away. I had just interviewed the band on my radio show earlier in the day and they got me excited to see them perform. And they delivered. I definitely recommend buying their self-titled album for only $5 by emailing them at evanandersontrio@gmail.com. You’ll need it for road trips, summer loves and for a quick mood pick-me-up. Also, the Trio often plays outdoor performances at Boston Commons and the Park Street T-station so be on the lookout for blond locks, red lips and a blue hat.

-Lana Tkachenko


Melanie Duzyj said...

Thumbs up

DirtyWaterKid said...

agree- saw these guys on the common one day and was absolutely blown away. in my 8 years in this city, ive never had to stop and listen to a street performer because i couldnt get enough of their sound. these guys do that.