Thursday, September 11, 2008

Meows & Muses (Monday 8am-10am)

As the sun sets on the summer, brighten your Monday's on WTBU with Sarah J. Berg and St. Jen Choi on Meows & Muses [Mon 8am-10am].

Superbly placed, early enough to brush your teeth to but not so late it spills into your classes and intense study, Meows & Muses can and will change your life.

While promising the day's greatest indie, alternative, rap, soft rock, smooth jazz, aboriginal tribal hymns, and CCM, be prepared for the year's best banter as two of Boston's wittiest kittens muse about topics like: urban poverty, the war on drunks, loneliness, campus happenings, off-campus happenings, Andrew W.K., and of course, CATS!

It'll be absolutely purrrfect.

Liz Pelly of the Pelly Twins calls it:
"Seriously Jen?! I am showering!"

As Boston University, College of Communication, sophomore Sam Inchausti says: "Wow, I can't believe they gave you show this semester."

So, check out their blog for weekly track listings, music news, and other great reads!

"Meow Meow Lullaby" - Nada Surf (2008 MDR Sputnik) Acoustic

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